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  • Monday, March 14, 2005



    Update: It's back. Why do I bother complaining? I guess it's like carrying an umbrella to ward off the rain.

    I was wondering if BlogRolling was too good to be true. I've always had a leery feeling about using services that were external to my blog and/or web site. My Blogroll sits in the left column under the heading "of interest". I've added, oh, 20 or so sites to this list. The list is called from Tonight the link is dead, the site times out and I no longer have that list of sites of interest to me. Do I have this list anywhere on my local computer? Of course not. I can reconstruct it I guess.

    The main attraction of blogrolling was that it was quick (just click a button on my toolbar) and it didn't require me to add them by hand to my blog's HTML code. I'm a lazy sod and this is where it gets me. Merde. Adjust, adapt, carry on.

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