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  • Wednesday, February 16, 2005


    Those Darn RFID Chips!

    I tend to like Annalee Newitz' column, syndicated over on Alternet. She has something of interest to me over 50% of the time. She writes about computers, tech, free speech, etc. I couldn't let this bit pass by without quoting it. It's just too precious. From a column titled Pig-Based Technologies:
    This shitty-ass RFID company called InCom, located near Sacramento, decided to do a little test run of its tot-tracking technology in a local school. So it gave some "donations" to an elementary school in Sutter County and persuaded the administration to stick RFID chips in these ID tags all the kids wear around their necks.

    Eventually, these kids were going around at school with RFID chips that were pinging RFID readers at the entrance to each classroom (and bathroom!), which then transmitted the kids' locations to a central computer. Needless to say, the parents – who had not given consent for this little test – were extremely unamused. Currently, they're lobbying the school to stop tracking their kids. But remember that RFID-tracking creepiness isn't just for little kids in farm towns – Berkeley Public Library tracks your movements by putting RFIDs in every book that's checked out.

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