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  • Wednesday, February 02, 2005


    Evolution Kills

    Wow. You can look at the original press release at AgapePress, but I didn't see any explanation of this figure. Perhaps that adjective "communistic" is code for "Stalinist-era Soviet deaths" or some such thing.
    It is Kennedy's opinion that Christians who embrace evolution are compromising their faith. He describes evolution as the most destructive idea ever to enter the mind of man, and a concept that has killed more people than all religions that ever existed.

    "Communistic evolution, according to the Senate committee that examined it, is responsible for 135 million deaths in peacetime," he said. "There's no religion that has a tiny fraction of that many deaths on it conscience." And it is amazing, he added, that evolution -- despite its widespread acceptance -- has no scientific basis. "There are scientists who will admit that there's not one iota of scientific evidence to support it."

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