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  • Saturday, January 22, 2005


    Politics is Dangerous

    I can almost see the insurance company's point but it's still a little creepy. From NH Woman Loses Insurance Coverage for Her Politics:
    Helen Johnston is an 80-year-old retired pediatrician who hardly considers herself much of a risk for being sued.

    That's not how her insurance company sees it, however.

    Johnston is losing extra coverage she bought years ago while she still practiced medicine - not because she's a retired doctor, but because she is active in Francestown politics.

    The Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Co. sent her a letter last month notifying her it is not renewing her $1 million umbrella policy next month because of "the political positions the insured holds."

    "If she was just a retired doctor, it wouldn't be an issue," said Dale Groves, vice president for underwriting for the Providence, R.I., company.

    Johnston is vice chairwoman of her town's Democratic committee and a member of the Hillsborough County Democratic Committee. She helps campaigns by distributing posters and making calls, and she held a get-out-the-vote session for Howard Dean at her house.

    Groves said that's enough. "It's a common practice within the industry not to cover that because of libel and slander (risks)," he said.

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