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  • Thursday, January 20, 2005


    Inauguration Info

    As usual, I'm having difficulty finding out what's been going on with any protests in DC for the Inauguration today. I thought I'd post a few links to sites where I find info.

    Indymedia is always fascinating to read. It's so raw and individual from report to report. One will be very journalistic, detailed and apparently factual. The next might be someone saying "yeh! shwd those pigs! smash the state!" The very rawness is the attraction. Many of the posts are eyewitness reports and it's sort of up to you to piece together the picture. I prefer that to the immensely predigested and explained reports on the major networks that discard much of what I'm interested in and focus too much on events I despise.

    Protesters Target Bush's Inauguration is an AP story about protests with some pictures of events.

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