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  • Thursday, December 09, 2004


    Gee, Gay Rights are Scary...

    I have to say the following story is sad. "ooh, the tide of public opinion is against us! Better cut back on the scary proposition of "equal rights". Don't want to scare the straights! They're so easily offended!" As a veteran of AIDS actions in the eighties, I lean more towards stepping up action in response to the recent state amendments prohibiting same-sex marriages rather than toning things down. F--- 'em if they can't handle it.

    I'm quoting from this NYT story because it becomes unavailable to non-subscribers after some time:

    Leaders of the gay rights movement are embroiled in a bitter and increasingly public debate over whether they should moderate their goals in the wake of bruising losses in November when 11 states approved constitutional amendments prohibiting same-sex marriages.

    In the past week alone, the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay and lesbian advocacy group, has accepted the resignation of its executive director, appointed its first non-gay board co-chairman and adopted a new, more moderate strategy, with less emphasis on legalizing same-sex marriages and more on strengthening personal relationships.

    The leadership of the Human Rights Campaign, at a meeting last weekend in Las Vegas, concluded that the group must bow to political reality and moderate its message and its goals. One official said the group would consider supporting President Bush's efforts to privatize Social Security partly in exchange for the right of gay partners to receive benefits under the program.

    "The feeling this weekend in Las Vegas was that we had to get beyond the political and return to the personal," said Michael Berman, a Democratic lobbyist and consultant who was elected the first non-gay co-chairman of the Human Rights Campaign's board last week. "We need to reintroduce ourselves to America with the stories of our lives."

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