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  • Saturday, November 20, 2004


    Wimblehack: The Winner

    This contest has ended on an odd note but the apparent winner is Elisabeth Bumiller of the New York Times since Newsweek's Howard Fineman didn't file much in the way of post-election work. A marvelous summing of a technique used by Bumiller is in this paragraph from AlterNet: MediaCulture: Wimblehack: The Winner:

    "This is ironic again because, as noted previously in this contest, no reporter in the campaign was more consistently guilty of violating the 'Jayson Blair test' than Bumiller. In this particular campaign-journalism fixture, reporters file campaign pieces from remote state locations in which the entire article could have been written from a burned-out crackhouse 2000 miles away, using nothing but a glimpse of a photo from the event and a Rolodex with which to call friendly campaign aides."

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