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  • Saturday, November 27, 2004


    Thoughtful Christian

    I caught this from a link on AmericaBlog and found it a fascinating piece of anthropology (for me). This guy is thoughtful and sincere. He seems genuinely interested in examining some of the systemic problems with organized Charismatic Christianity. If I came across more Christians like him, I'd have a much better opinion of them in general. The shame is that the loudest Christians often seem to be the most vehement and hateful. Check out the full text. I think it's well worth it. From Letters from a Purple State:
    The following are 25 common heresies that are being propagated in many of the fastest-growing churches in America. This signals the continuing move of American Christianity away from the historical norms of the faith, and becoming extremist personality cults. My mainline and Catholic brethren who are well versed in Church history will recognize many of them as ancient heresies such as gnosticism, montanism, and pelagianism. (The Catholics would very likely point out my own Protestantism as one (see
    for their reasons why) but I refer here to pre-Nicene stuff that was thrown out before the first churches were even organized.)

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