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  • Saturday, November 27, 2004


    The Daou Report

    I don't think I've mentioned this blog before. I like the concept and there are plenty of representative quotes from a wide variety of blogs on The Daou Report. However I find it difficult to read because it includes blogs from, how can I say this delicately? From the conservative and right wing end of the spectrum. I would like to think I'm open to all opinions, granting them validity on the basis of logic, on whether the opinions reflect consistancy and include the proposal of humane, effective solutions to economic, social and political problems.

    In reality, I'm not so tolerant.

    When I first start reading rightwing opinion, the first thing I do is begin fact checking. I don't give them any benefit of the doubt when it comes to their supporting documentation. I immediately believe they are either twisting the facts or misinterpreting the context. And it's not like progressives or liberals don't do the same thing; they do. But I'll give lefties a bit more leeway. Oh, I often fact check them as well, but I don't immediately stop when I come to a fact I know isn't true. I still don't know if this is a failing on my part. Is it just wanting to read things congruent with my personal views? I don't think so. I like reading intelligent, perceptive writing, left or right, conservative or progressive. I find I have less tolerance for the stupid or ill-informed opinions of the right than the left. It doesn't help that shouting has often displaced reasonable discourse. I also find some people unwilling to believe well researched information that contradicts information they are convinced of from dubious sources. These are generalizations but it's what I've observed.

    The following is from the Daou Report:

    WHAT The Daou Report tracks leading blogs, message boards, online magazines, and independent websites from across the political spectrum - providing a snapshot of the latest news, views, and online buzz.

    WHERE The Daou Report welcomes suggested news stories, editorials, blog entries, and forum
    comments. The preferred format is a link to an item posted within the preceding 12 hours with a brief quote or description.

    WHY The site was launched with three objectives: 1) to offer a diverse, unfiltered sample of online political discourse, 2) to probe the ideas, passions, and perspectives that give rise to our current political divide, 3) to examine the relationship between blogs, the political establishment and the mainstream media.

    WHO The Daou Report is published by Peter Daou, online communications advisor to John Kerry's presidential campaign. Peter headed KE04's blog outreach and online rapid response. The Daou Report is the web version of a daily report prepared by Peter for KE04 and the DNC.

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