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  • Thursday, November 04, 2004


    More on Voting Problems

    From Ann Harrison: The Ghost Votes in the Machine:

    'A number of people who thought they were voting for Kerry, when the screen came
    up it showed they were voting for Bush,' said Cindy Cohn, legal director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) which is a member of the coalition. 'We've seen it across several voting systems, not just one machine.'

    As of November 3rd, members of the Election Protection Coalition received 4,459 reports of ballot problems, 2,867 calls about polling place irregularities, and 7,152 complaints regarding voter registration glitches. Another 1,074 people phoned in to say that they had witnessed voter intimidation. Unlike the voting problems that occurred during the 2000 elections, the voting problems reported during the 2004 election were spread across the entire country and aggravated the long lines voters endured at polling places. The group Common Cause also reported 50,000 calls reporting voting problems to its election hot-line, although not all the complaints were related to e-voting problems."

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