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  • Tuesday, November 23, 2004


    Gonzales' Record

    This quote is from near the end of a concise article on the new Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. It's written by Lou Dubose, long-time Texan journalist, and details Gonzales' legal work history in Texas for Bush. I would be very surprised if he wrangled a Supreme Court nomination given his rather limited judicial history. Particularly because of the "torture memo" he wrote. From AlterNet: Rights and Liberties: Gonzales' Record:

    The execution memoranda Gonzales prepared for Governor Bush were a prelude to the 'torture memos' he prepared for President Bush. In both cases, Bush needed the advice of his lawyer before moving ahead with life-or-death decisions. On Jan. 25, 2002, Gonzales provided that advice in a four-pager to the president, justifying the suspension of Geneva Convention protections for suspected members of the Taliban and al Qaeda. 'As you have said, the war against terrorism is a new kind of war,' Gonzales wrote to his boss. 'The obsolete Geneva Convention's strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners renders quaint some of its provisions.'

    Bush used the memo to override Secretary of State Colin Powell's request to extend Geneva Convention protections to American prisoners of war locked up in Guantanamo. The torture techniques the Gonzales memo allowed for prisoners in Cuba ultimately found their way to the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

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