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  • Tuesday, October 26, 2004


    Code of Ethics for Journalists

    Does the news seem unbalanced? Not always presenting different sides of a subject? Do journalists seem a little too willing to accept at face value the spin given to them? A recent mention of a code of ethics made me go searching and, lo, I found one. I don't know exactly who belongs to this society but it sure looks good to me. Of course, I doubt this applies to "opinion" programs on TV. Still, it reminds me of how the press should act but does so rarely. Excerpts from the Society of Professional Journalists - Code of Ethics:

    Under the heading of "Act Independently" are these nuggets:

    Looking at this Code, I would be very surprised if many of the "superstar" news people on cable and broadcast are members of the Society. I would guess journalists' allegiance would be first to their paycheck and then to this Society.

    Some other journalistic ethics pages: - the Independent Press Council

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