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  • Wednesday, October 20, 2004


    Bush's 2000 Victory Speech

    In These Times recently ran a copy of George W. Bush's victory speech on December 13, 2000. What I found interesting was, well, what he said. Technically he wasn't in office and I guess these kinds of speeches are probably considered more a continuation of campaign rhetoric (i.e., not real promises) but I still find it educational to read it. Also a little nauseous. Here is a bit of it.

    I know America wants reconciliation and unity. I know Americans want progress. And we must seize this moment and deliver.

    Together, guided by a spirit of common sense, common courtesy and common goals, we can unite and inspire the American citizens.

    Together, we will work to make all our public schools excellent, teaching every student of every background and every accent, so that no child is left behind.

    Together, we will save Social Security and renew its promise of a secure retirement for generations to come.

    Together, we will strengthen Medicare and offer prescription drug coverage to all of our seniors.

    Together, we will give Americans the broad, fair and fiscally responsible tax relief they deserve.

    Together, we will have a bipartisan foreign policy true to our values and true to our friends. And we will have a military equal to every challenge, and superior to every

    Together, we will address some of society’s deepest problems one person at a time, by encouraging and empowering the good hearts and good works of the American people. This is the essence of compassionate conservatism, and it will be a foundation of my administration.

    These priorities are not merely Republican concerns or Democratic concerns, these are American responsibilities.

    During the fall campaign, we differed about details of these proposals - but there was remarkable consensus about the important issues before us: excellent schools, retirement and health security, tax relief, a strong military and a more civil society.

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