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  • Wednesday, October 14, 2009


    James Arthur Ray and Deaths by Fake "Sweat Lodge"

    So what happens when a Newage "guru" named James Arthur Ray kills two people and puts a bunch more in the hospital from a "sweat lodge" he led? So far, nothing.

    Oprah put Mr. Ray on her show several times so he must be important. He was profiled in the bestselling book The Secret.

    I highly recommend reading the posts over on PĂ ganachd Bhandia for some insight on the situation:

    Plastic Death Sweat - 2 Dead, 3 Critical, 16 More Hospitalized
    New Age Death Sweat II - NYT Editorial by Dr. Al Carroll
    New Age Death Sweat III - Response by Arvol Lookinghorse (Lakota)

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