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  • Monday, December 19, 2005


    Another of My Unwritten Books

    I've never written a full length book but that doesn't keep me from dreaming and scheming of subjects and outlines. Perhaps if I ever managed to actually get together a serious proposal I might follow through on one of these. Below is the barest of bones of a book I'd like to write.

    Myth of American Democracy
    Being an exploration of the bottlenecks and disinformation intrinsic and inherent in the American electoral process with some attention given to the role of the media

    Intro: Welcome to My Nightmare


    Financial Matters (If you need to ask how much it costs to be a candidate, you can't afford to be one.)

    Procedural Matters: How do you get to be a candidate in the first place?

    Wooing the Electorate: Babies, Shaking Hands, and Photo Ops

    Information, Issues, and Poll Numbers

    Can You Win in the Media Circus? (Hint: Money helps.)

    The Winner

    Once Elected

    Influence Peddlars and Buyers

    Welcome to the Political Foodchain

    Non-Binding Conclusions

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