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  • Monday, July 11, 2005


    More Search Term Fu

    I admit pure ignorance about the mysterious ways of search engines. But this recent search that led to my blog sort of stunned me.

    A "Christians are evil" search on Yahoo (no quotes) turned up 4,550,000 hits. My post Some Christians Are Evil was in the number 2 spot. I am perplexed, puzzled, astounded. It's like that line from Albert Brooks in the film Broadcast News: I write it here and it shows up there. I feel like I should have better credentials or expert experience to show for my placement and ranking. Then again: No one knows how stupid you really are on the internets.

    An unethical person might take advantage of this in some way. If only I were smart and unethical. But then I probably wouldn't be tip-tapping my wan thoughts here; I would be out doing some serious crimes. Because I'm a rebel. Yea, a troubled outsider of stoic disposition loitering with intent. That's me to a T. Watch out.

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