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  • Friday, March 04, 2005


    Invisible Naomi Klein

    Sometimes there are glitches in the Matrix, places where the programming fails and anomalies occur. Briefly. I found myself looking for a quote from Naomi Klein I heard on the radio concerning the events that sparked resistance in Fallujah, Iraq. I plugged her name into Google and got back... zero results. Puzzled, I checked the spelling on her name. It was correct. Tried again. Nada. And again. There were three sponsored links at the right but not one search result, just the usual "could not find any..." etc. Very, very strange. I tried Technorati, a search engine I've been using more recently and got plenty of results. Eventually I went back to Google and lo! there were 715,000 results. I'm sure there's a reason but I can't help but feel very strange about a search phrase that suddenly disappears from the googleverse. This is the dependancy, this is the sea we swim in, this is the reference we take for granted.

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