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  • Saturday, December 18, 2004


    What Liberal Media?

    While reading Eric Alterman's What Liberal Media?:The Truth about BIAS and the News, I was annoyed to find that the appendices were online. Then I went online, looked at them and found some of them worth the effort.

    The Nation's Media Concentration Chart helps you visualize exactly who owns what in the media universe. It covers the "Big Ten" and includes all the usual suspects: News Corporation, Sony, AOL/Time Warner, Viacom, Walt Disney, General Electric, etc. I've usually gotten my fix of trying to understand the media through the Project Censored books. However, I think this is the source for what's in Censored 2005. It also includes an article from The Nation by Mark Crispin Miller, a media analyst/critic. The Chart is a little hard to read though.

    Another good appendix is on Fact-checking Ann Coulter. I've been somewhat doubtful of Ms. Coulter's sources but who has the time to check such things out? Apparently, someone does. And how! Plenty of misquotes and problems with faulty renditions of verifiable news. I'm not really that interested in Ms. Coulter. I figure letting her stew in her own acidic juices is justice enough.

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